Chapel Break Infant School

  • "The school provides pupils with a very exciting, creative and innovative curriculum, which enables pupils to develop outstanding speaking & artistic skills and an excellent level of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development."
    Ofsted 2010
  • "Attainment is consistently above average writing, maths and reading when the pupils leave the school."
    Ofsted 2010
  • "The excellence in many pupils outcomes is the result of high quality teaching and the very innovative and imaginative curriculum."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Teachers have an excellent knowledge of pupils needs on an individual basis."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Lessons are often very challenging & need pupils full attention & concentration, which they willingly give."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Not only do pupils achieve exceptionally well but they demonstrated real love of learning and school which is evident in the high quality of their work."
    Ofsted 2010

Life at Chapel Break Infant School Life at Chapel Break Infant School Life at Chapel Break Infant School



Welcome to Puffins Class


In Puffins Class we love to learn! 


  • We use super speaking and listening skills.
  • We always try our best with each piece of work.
  • We know that we can always improve our work.
  • We know that pushing ourselves is the best way to improve.
  • We know that we make choices all the time and that we have to try to make the right ones.
  • We know that if we read every day this will help us become super learners.


How Puffins learn

Each term we have a BIG question to answer; this driving question sets the learning for the term. Our question for this term (Autumn 2016) is …


Where will the woods take us? 


We are trying to answer this question by finding out


What is a wood?

What do trees do for us? and What can we do for them?

What does the woodland sound like?

What can we make from wood?



We are using branches, twigs and other woodland materials as an engaging stimulus and as a physical representation of how we build and shape a world around us. We will be looking at how we build our skills, our relationships and our confidence through reflection and self-evaluation.







 Our classroom has become a cool castle environment so we are excited and motivated to learn even more in it.

We are starting to challenge ourselves a bit more with our learning by choosing our own levels of challenge and difficulty. We are using critique and rubrics to help us assess our own work and think of targets for our next piece of work. Sometimes we do one or two drafts to really practice our learning.



P.E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday but please have your PE kit at school every day. During the summer term we will hopefully be able to do PE outside so please bring appropriate footwear in PE kit.


Home learning

Please read at home every day, researchers have discovered that those children who read every day will achieve their best at school and then in adult life.


Learning Logs

Learning Logs will be sent out regularly with a record of our successful work, questions and ideas for new learning coming up.

Just look at some of our fantastic learning tasks and challenges.





Please click links below to see Termly Planning documents 


 Autumn Term 2016