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Chapel Break Infant School

Welcome to Wrens Class!

Class Teachers: Mrs Warr and Mrs Chamberlin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sell and Ms Addle. 




A Day in Wrens Class


  • We are learning lots of new skills
  • We are kind  and helpful to each other
  • We are learning to read  our sounds
  • We are learning all about numbers and shapes
  • Sometimes we work outside the classroom
  • A lot of our learning is independent
  • We have learning teams in our class and we try and work together and on our own to help our team to be brilliant!



In Wrens, we start the day with our 'Bagel Breakfast'. This is a time for us to chat to our friends and teachers about how we are feeling. We have a wellbeing check in board so that our teachers can help us if we are feeling sad or worried.

After the register we have our phonics session where our sound of the day is introduced. It is then time to choose our learning, both inside and outside.  We have lots of skills to learn and practise from cutting, counting and sharing, to reading, writing and jumping, so we are always very busy.

After break time we have an interactive maths session which is followed by our daily fresh fruit or vegetable snack. We then take part in independent learning time where we are invited to practice the skills learnt in both phonics and maths that day.

Little Owls class have lunch in the hall together and enjoy joining their friends from Wrens class on the playground for some games.

In the afternoon Little Owls have a topic based session which contributes to our presentation of learning at the end of the term. After another session of independent learning time, it is home time. We collect our book bags and coats and come together for a story.

'Good bye everyone, good bye everyone, good bye everyone we are glad you came to play'




Each term we have a BIG question to answer; this driving question sets the learning for the term:

What makes me me?   





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