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Chapel Break Infant School

Generation Earthshot

At Chapel Break we are driven by the children's passion to look after their environment.  As a result, we have established a group of Eco-warriors to lead all environmental projects in the school. 

Year 2 have been exploring deforestation (see year group planning). Why do we need trees? The children were able to comprehensively explain the impact that deforestation has on our planet in assembly. 

Last term our Presentation of Learning was to produce environmentally friendly items for sale at our Christmas Market. We also invited representatives from Norfolk County Council recycling department to visit our 'Scrunch test' stall. This informed parents about testing materials to see if they could be recycled. 

We received the following email

I want to thank you for inviting me to your Christmas fair. I was so impressed with what the children have achieved. I have shared the pictures with our elected members from across Norfolk, who each echo my thoughts. 

Anything I can help with in the future, please do reach out.

I wish you a restful festive break.


Kind regards,

Heidi Preston
Norfolk Waste Partnership Communications and Marketing Officer
Community Protection
Environmental Services
Great Yarmouth Borough Council



This year we plan to launch our own Generation Earthshot '22 competition. Generation Earthshot aims to inspire children and young people to join in this mission by nurturing the innate creativity of young people and channelling it toward solving our biggest environmental challenges.

Generation Earthshot video