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Curriculum Statement



At Chapel Break we quality assure our Curriculum Intent at regular staff and governors meetings (evidence)







The Chapel Break Curiosity Curriculum is rooted in our belief that all our children will thrive in life if we provide an ambitious, thoughtfully planned and structured, knowledge rich, creative curriculum that stimulates the curiosity of every child. The Chapel Break Curiosity Curriculum is carefully sequenced and builds on previous learning in every subject. We also strongly believe that by taking a coordinated approach to mental health and wellbeing, will lead to improved emotional health and wellbeing which can help readiness to learn.


The Chapel Break Curiosity Curriculum is special, it is different and offers unique experiences that support every child in reaching their true potential and has resulted in outstanding outcomes. We aim for excellence and support our children in achieving this goal every day. Our curriculum is multi-layered and offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities. Although our starting points are the National Curriculum expectations our outcomes go above and beyond. We are particularly proud of our HeArt studio at the very centre of our school and curriculum, which is run by our own artist in residence and qualified teacher. We are also very lucky to have a beautifully rich outdoor learning environment  consisting of a large field, allotment, copse area and outdoor classroom. We have also recently employed a qualified Forest School Practitioner, to lead and extend our outside provision.


Chapel Break uses REAL Projects as a vehicle to deliver our rich Curiosity Curriculum. We have found it to be an inspiring and relevant way of delivering the National Curriculum. REAL Projects is a research based programme which focuses on rigorous, real-world learning. 


Our intent is that:     

  • Our children are always at the centre of all our learning, we continuously reflect on their needs, interests and passion, their wellbeing and their progress. 
  • We all have extremely high expectations for all our children, we create a culture of excellence. Our children are always encouraged to dream big and aim for excellence and we ensure that we provide a very special curriculum to encourage this.
  • All subjects have a high level of expectation linked to content and knowledge. By underpinning this with our ‘Bee’ skills; collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, being curious, creative and reflective we intend to provide every opportunity for our children to become the artists, scientists, mathematicians, authors, engineers and technologists of the future. 
  • The curriculum content is relevant to the lives of our children ensuring that outcomes are authentic and have impact on the real world. This supports our children to develop the Cultural Capital they need to succeed in life. We ensure that our curriculum reflects local, national and global perspectives across the year. We introduce them to the best that has been thought and said and help them to ‘engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement’ (National Curriculum). 
  • Our rigorous assessment programme of formative and summative assessment ensures that planning and teaching addresses the needs of every child. Through REAL projects we start to show the children how this can be a collaborative approach to learning. We use rubrics as our main vehicle to achieve this with the children. Curriculum planning also accounts for delays and gaps in learning that have arisen, either as a result of the pandemic or other situations.
  • The curriculum builds on and challenges previous knowledge and understanding to ensure deep learning and outstanding outcomes.
  • The ‘Big Idea Curriculum’ provides pupils opportunity to explore themes, which cut across subject boundaries yet offer a chance to think critically. The aim of this aspect of our Curriculum is that every child develops an awareness and understanding of their place in the world, socially, morally, culturally and spiritually. It has four strands, which put this personal development at its core: Social and Emotional Understanding,The Safety Curriculum, Learning Themes and Thinking Themes. 
  • We provide the children with the necessary tools and environments to enable them to be flexible, independent, collaborative, reflective and resilient learners.
  • We provide a wealth of outside experiences as well as highly structured and focused class based learning
  • Each REAL Project will end with a real life outcome e.g. book publications, showcase, products for Christmas fayre, go karts, radio shows, videos which reflects the knowledge they have acquired and the skills that underpin the learning
  • All staff are treated as professionals, ensuring we place significant emphasis on professional dialogue and time to plan, design and teach outstanding lessons. We promote a culture of excellence for the staff and actively promote professional growth through staff meetings, high quality CPD, professional growth library and dialogue with highly qualified governors.
  • We provide opportunities to network and collaborate across the whole EdTransform network and with the wider community.
  • We place huge importance on research to ensure we always provide first class education for our children.




The school takes a coordinated approach to mental health and wellbeing. We have 2 Thrive practitioners and are currently embedding the Thrive approach throughout the school to maximise support and impact for every child.

  • At Chapel Break Infant School, we recognise that every child is unique and has huge potential to achieve    
  • Teachers are supported in developing excellent knowledge of every subject they teach through a well structured CPD programme led by SLT. 
  • Our curriculum is underpinned by our 6 ‘Bee’ learning characteristics: collaboration, confident communication, problem solving, critical thinking, curiosity and creativity and reflective thinking. Each characteristic is represented by a bee, which brings them to life for the children, makes them easily relatable and supports the children’s understanding of how they will support their learning in the future.
  • We encourage our children to take risks and learn from their mistakes as they develop a growth mindset to their learning.
  • Each year, we ensure that our projects reflect school, community and global issues and perspectives.
  • Our assessment supports teaching and learning, helps imbed knowledge and allows us to identify gaps in understanding. Data is collected 3 times a year to avoid unnecessary workload.
  • Teachers systematically check understanding, identify misconceptions and provide accurate feedback using ongoing formative assessment
  • Children are always encouraged to take ownership of improving their work, and of their peers,  and aim for excellence. Through a collaborative process of creating rubrics and positive self and peer critique, children are supported to be their own leaders and managers  of excellence 
  • Teachers present subjects clearly and promote appropriate discussion.
  • Remote learning reflects the learning in the classroom as much as it possible can
  • Reading is prioritised throughout the school to allow full access to the curriculum. Our phonics teaching and reading scheme is constantly updated to ensure a rigorous and sequential approach




  •  Individual Foundation Pupil Profiles (on entry personal baseline)
  • Government baseline assessments 
  • Wellcomm toolkit speech and language assessment
  • Boxall assessment for personal and social development
  • Learning conversations are held with the children which give us invaluable information about the children’s learning. This is their chance to show their understanding and raise any barriers to progress.
  • Learning meetings with parents?
  • Sharing books and discussing next steps. Children sharing gives a fantastic picture of children’s knowledge and depth of understanding
  • Quizzes and low stake formative assessment
  • Summative assessments 




  •  Internal data
  • Professional discussions with teachers and subject leaders
  • Phonics assessments
  • Art gallery in Big HeArt Studio




 The Chapel Break Creative Curriculum has resulted in    improved knowledge and understanding and excellent outcomes. Our children uphold the school values….


They are prepared for the next step of their education and for their future life.


  • Children are able to show that their understanding has developed by connecting new knowledge with existing knowledge. This is evidenced in the children’s books and in the class Real Project Journey Wall.
  • Children are increasingly able to apply their knowledge to show a deeper level of understanding.
  • All our children, including our disadvantaged children and those with SEND have the Cultural Capital they need to succeed in life.
  • All learning builds towards an end point. The end point of the Real Project is always a child-centred final product shared with an authentic audience.
  • All our children are kind, collaborative children who believe they can always strive for excellence in line with the school’s values.
  • Children are flexible learners who are able to use their creative skills to apply their knowledge 
  • Children have a high level of reading skills, they are able to phonetically decode and show developing comprehension skills




  • It is the intent of Chapel Break Infant School to provide all our children with a bespoke education that caters for the specific needs of every child. 
  • We place our greatest emphasis on nurturing our children and supporting their personal, social and emotional needs.
  • We ensure that all our staff are fully trained and up to date with the latest training. 
  • We provide an enhanced curriculum to ensure we provide a rich learning environment and provide a wide range of opportunities for all our children.
  • We are fully committed to providing a high quality and inclusive education for our children.


Our SENCo is one of 2 deputy headteachers. She is responsible for leading the provision for any child who needs SEN support during their time at Chapel Break Infant School. Our teachers deliver quality first teaching, supporting our children with special educational needs, with highly trained TAs and specific targeted interventions where needed. Wherever possible this provision is delivered within the classroom.


In addition to this provision and due to rising numbers of increasingly complex needs, we are able to also offer specialist provision for some children in our ‘Nest’ (Nurture, Encourage, Support and Thrive). This provision has grown and developed to now support up to 10 children (currently 8) with various diagnoses (mainly ASD) who have severe and complex needs, all of whom have EHCPs. Most of the parents of the children who use the Nest provision have requested specialist provision for their children and many of our children are from consultation with Norfolk. Most of our Y2 children go on to specialist placements when they leave us. 

Our Nest consists of multiple rooms (2 classrooms, a kitchen area, a Thrive room, a sensory space, the SenCo’s office and a resource room) alongside full access to the classrooms, Big HeArt Studio and outside learning environment. Using these spaces, we are able to support children who have struggled in, or whose needs cannot fully be met in, mainstream classrooms as well as supporting children in the mainstream classes who may need additional intervention or support. 

We are able to offer a bespoke and personalised curriculum to children who require support with communication, life and personal skills, social interaction as well as academic teaching and learning and full access to the National Curriculum. All 5 staff who work mainly in the Nest, are Makaton and Pecs trained and have weekly training in ASD strategies and resources. We employ a Speech and Language therapist to support with additional intervention and training for staff. 

As it is always our intention to be fully inclusive, all children in the Nest have access to our enriched Curiosity Curriculum alongside their peers in their classes.