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Chapel Break Infant School


We are kind

We are a community

We are curious

We strive for excellence

These 4 values underpin all we do at Chapel Break Infant School. We promote our values every day through positive interactions with our children, our Chapel Break Curiosity Curriculum, assemblies and on our weekly newsletter. 

Vision statement

The vision of the school is ambitious and has been co-created by all staff, governors, children and families. It looks to promote our 4 values: we are kind, we work as a team, we are curious and we create a culture of excellence. Together we are promoting a new vision for the school of

  ‘Building a culture of kindness, community, curiosity and excellence’


As part of the ‘Community’ thread of our vision, we are currently working on a project that focuses on EEDI, Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, with the governors, staff, children and community. We are working together to achieve the EDI award. Our aim is to strengthen the knowledge and  improve the curriculum to reflect these 4 areas so that all feel respected, listened to and equal members of our school community.